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          Drawing and Painting


          Is there a frustrated artist inside you waiting to get out? Have you ever wanted to be able to draw with accuracy and confidence? Would you like to create some original art to hang proudly on your wall at home? Or would you just like to have fun with colour and paint? Whatever your creative desire, be it big or small, our introductory drawing and painting course is your first step to discovering your true artistic talent! In this course you learn the basics of drawing and painting, through observation and experimentation. You will acquire a broad knowledge of various artistic techniques, using a range of media, all of which will enable you to discover and develop your own individual, creative style.


          Cours / formations
          Drawing and Painting
          Numéro du cours
          Participants max.
          Total 20 période(s)
          sur demande
          CHF 344.00
          TVA comprise (le cas échéant)

          Contact et conseils

          Ecole-club Migros Nyon
          Chemin de Crève-Coeur 1
          1260 Nyon
          Tel. +41 58 568 80 60
          Fax. +41 58 568 80 61

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