Courses summaries are generally given in German, French or Italian. However, a wide range of these descriptions are also available in English.

Gourmet cookery

Are you passionate about cooking and eating? Want to impress friends and loved ones, or simply learn how to make some delicious,gourmet food just like you'd find in 5-star restaurant? Trough Gourmet Cooking, you'll learn the chefs' secrets to creating delicious, eye-appealing dishes.

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Cookery Evenings with Lisa (Basel)

We are pleased to introduce a new type of cookery course, focused on International Cuisine. You will learn, in a relaxed manner, how to prepare the dishes listed below and enjoy them in a comfortable atmosphere. Lisa Peinado will lead you through a world of gourmet delights.

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Drawing and painting

Is there a frustrated artist inside you waiting to get out? Have you ever wanted to be able to draw with accuracy and confidence? Would you like to create some orginial art to proudly hang on your wall at home? Or would you like to have fun with colour and paint?

Whatever you creative desire, be it big or small, our introductory drawing and painting course is your first step to discovering your true artistic talent! In this course you learn the basics of drawing and painting, through observation and experimentation. You will acquire a broad knowledge of various artistic techniques, using a range of media, all of which will enable you to discover and develop your own individual, creative style.

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Art history

This course studies in depth the large artistic movements throughout the history of humanity. It looks at the destinies of some of the greatest artists and analyses the key periods in the History of Art, from pre-historic times to the 20th century. The course looks at art from a technical as well as a historical point of view and includes varying fields such as painting, sculpture and architecture.

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Pottery on the wheel

Are you in your element when handling clay? Discover the endless ways of making reliefs, figures, objects and containers from clay, the basic material used in ceramics.

Learn how to build and shape clay, enjoy forming and finishing your creation with glazes and colours. You will work exclusively on the electric potter's wheel and you will learn all the basic techniques including centring, forming, trimming and surface design.

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Digital photography

Learn how to take great pictures! Find out how your camera works and how to campture images by improving your technical, visual and creative skills. In the second part of the course, you will learn how to transfer, and get the best out of your pictures, by using a computer, to make them look even more amazing!

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This course familiarises you carefully with the fundamental techniques of working with precious metals. The course covers metallurgy, soldering, sketching and machining, as well as instruction on how to use tools for sawing and filing. You are provided with essential knowledge required for the later production of individual pieces of jewellery.

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