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Digital Age - Digital You.

Where would we be without computers? We rely on information technology and new media for everything from calculating our tax returns to telling us whether the sun is shining.

Information Technology & New Media courses 

In the world of business, employees are now often expected to have an understanding of applications, operating systems, web publishing and even programming languages. And while these technologies and forms of communication open many new doors both at work and at home, the pace of the Information Age can sometimes be overwhelming – even for  experienced professionals.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, making a switch to a new field or seeking to expand your current skill set, our Information Technology & New Media courses provide for all levels of knowledge. From learning the basics of Microsoft Office and unlocking the secrets of the Cloud to getting to grips with the latest operating systems and programming languages, the Migros Club School leaves no stone (or application) unturned. What’s more, our tutors stay up-to-date with all developments in digital business, ensuring that you always benefit from the most up to date knowledge and expertise. So the next time you are at your computer, you won’t feel overwhelmed – you’ll be ready. 

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We have a huge range of courses for people form all walks of life. To make it easier to navigate the complete IT/New Media portfolio, we have grouped the courses under the following general headings: 

 CMS and web publishing   Digital Business   Internet, cloud and collaboration 
 IT Management  Microsoft training  Office applications
 Operating systems and networks   PC basics  Print and e-publishing
 Programming  Smartphones and tablets   


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Migros Club School Diploma and external qualifications

Participants can obtain a certificate for the successful completion of courses in the Information Technology & New Media segment. Find out more about certification at Migros Club School here.



iknow is the Migros Club School online IT test portal. The tests are designed to assess your current proficiency in a specific software suite or discipline. They are free of charge and come with no obligation. Find out more about iknow here.