Beginner to Level A2

French courses

Our courses focus on everyday communication and with the main emphasis being placed on speaking, you will soon be able to get by in French and find out more about the French-speaking world and culture.

Beginner Level

Practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in everyday situations, through a variety of activities to suit all types of learners. Learn more about the language and culture. Suitable for complete beginners.

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Level A1

By the end of this level, you will be able to ask for and give basic information on familiar topics, or read and write short messages. Suitable for learners with very basic knowledge of French. A 30 minute placement test will ensure you join the right class.

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Level A2

At this level you can already make yourself understood in many familiar situations, using simple phrases. With the emphasis being on speaking in all our courses, you will gradually gain confidence when communicating. Suitable for learners who have completed A1 Level or whose placement test results show that they have the knowledge required to study at this level.

To A2 Level courses