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Hatha Yoga courses

Courses summaries are generally given in German, French or Italian. However, a wide range of these descriptions are also available in English.

Hatha Yoga (For beginners)

Yoga originates from India and is one of the oldest body-mind systems for balance and wholeness. Through the practice of different poses (asanas), breathing techniques, concentration and relaxation, yoga simultaneously develops and refines body awareness, physical and mental health and stability. It calms and opens body and mind, leaving you with a feeling of inner peace and vitality. Yoga is non-competitive, allowing you to work at your own level and gradually progress towards a deeper understanding of your body and mind.

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Hatha Yoga (Intermediate)

The class is designed to take students to an intermediate level, and continues to focus on body alignment and the development of strength, flexibility and body awareness. As more advanced postures are introduced - including a broader range of standing poses, twists, and forward and back extensions - an increased level of strength, stamina and flexibility is required from participants. Postures are presented in a more challenging way and with more variation, and students will learn to refine and develop their yoga practice to a more subtle level. Plough, shoulderstands and other supported inversions will also be introduced.

This class is not for first time students. Knowledge of basic asanas and sun salutations is required. The ability to do unassisted shoulderstands is expected. Practice at home is encouraged.

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