Cancellation Insurance

Safeguard your course fee!


Thank you for choosing a product from the Club Schools. Despite the best intentions, life remains unpredictable. In order to support you in such cases, with the cancellation insurance you will receive the course fee back if you have to stop or cancel your participation.

With appropriate proof, the ERV - one of the leading cancellation insurance companies in Switzerland - will reimburse you the course costs in the following cases:

a) unforeseen serious illness, severe injury, severe pregnancy complication or death of

  • an insuree,
  • a person who is very close to the insuree,
  • the direct deputy at the workplace, so that the presence of the insuree is indispensable there;

b) if 30 days before the course start or during the course

  • the insuree unexpectedly starts a new permanent employment with a new employer (excluding promotion or similar)
  • the insuree 's employment contract is terminated by their employer without the insuree being at fault or negligent in any way, or
  • the insuree has to change their place of residence due to their job and the travel distance to the place of the product exceeds one hour.
The insurance conditions of the ERV apply to these services.

Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG (ERV) 
St. Alban-Anlage 56
4002 Basel

The insurance premium is 1.9 percent of the course fee. The maximum sum insured is CHF 20,000.
If your course is postponed, we will transfer the insurance premium to the new course. In case of cancellation, we will refund you the insurance premium.

Procedure in case of a claim
In the case of a claim, you can contact ERV directly.
+41 58 275 27 27

Advice / Purchasing
At the counter in your Club School secretariat (telephone number / centre) or