Cuisine - Gourmet cooking

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Genève, Avenue du Pailly 21


Are you passionate about cooking and eating? Want to impress friends and loved ones, or simply learn to make some delicious, gourmet food just like you’d find in a 5 stars restaurant? Through Gourmet Cooking, you’ll learn the chef’s secret to creating delicious, eye-appealing dishes. You’ll improve and learn new cooking skills, while expanding your culinary knowledge through hands-on practice.


Cours / formations Cuisine - Gourmet cooking
Numéro du cours D_31019
Participants max. 14
Durée Total 6 période(s)
Date sur demande

Ecolage CHF 178.00

Total: CHF 178.00
TVA comprise (le cas échéant)

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Ecole-club Migros Balexert
Avenue du Pailly 21
1220 Genève
Tél. +41 58 568 80 80
Fax +41 58 568 80 81

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