Digital Productivity in English

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Computers and smartphones have completely changed all spheres of our lives. We have prepared the course on the most important digital skills that will help you in the work and home and will reduce the time it takes to complete various tasks.


Module #1. Computer Tips and Tricks.
  • Module #1.1. Computer Hardware: Parts and what they are used for.
  • Module #1.2. Files, Applications and Shortcuts.
  • Module #1.3. Troubleshooting.
  • Module #1.4. CyberSecurity & Online Data.
  • Module #1.5. SmartBrowsing - Learn to Search Better.
  • Module #1.6. Parenting: Screentime and your Family.
Module #2. Microsoft Office
  • Module #2.1. Microsoft Word.
  • Module #2.2. Microsoft Excel.
  • Module #2.3. Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Module #2.4. Google Docs / Spreadsheet.
  • Module #2.5. Personal Productivity Tools - Part 1: Chats and Content Curation.
  • Module #2.6. Personal Productivity Tools - Part 2: Time and Task Management.
Module #3. Codeless Automation
  • Workshop #3.1. IFTTT.
  • Workshop #3.2. Zapier.
  • Workshop #3.3. Microsoft Flow.
  • Workshop #3.4. Alexa & Google Home.


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Objectifs d'apprentissage

Upon completion of this course, you will have acquired strong base knowledge in digital productivity for the following subjects: ? Understand MS office suite and google docs for better professional productivity ? Understand deskptop / smartphone synchronisation and automate repetitive tasks ? Understand and use search engines better ? Understand basic computer hardware for troubleshooting


A certification with Eduqua is in the process of being approved but today it is possible to provide a certificate from the IT STEP Academy.


Cours / formations Digital Productivity in English
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