Wine - Tasting for beginners - Ladies'Night

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Grand-Lancy, Esplanade Pont-Rouge 2


Come with your friends in a women-only relaxed atmosphere and discover the world of wine! A unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure!


  • Panoramic review on the different types of wines.
  • Introduction to the basics of wine tasting (visual, olfactory and gustatory aspects).
  • To practice and awaken wine tasting senses.


  • Adult women

Objectifs d'apprentissage

  • To train and enrich the olfactory memory with simple exercises that will recognize the basic flavors and typical aromas of wine.
  • To address the different types of wine: white, rosé, red and of course sparkling wine.
  • To learn the basics of wine tasting.
  • To understand the main characteristics of wine.
  • To learn how to use a wine tasting vocabulary.


  • This course consists of a theoretical part interposed by a wine tasting.

Informations supplémentaires

  • Evening reserved for women only


Cours / formations Wine - Tasting for beginners - Ladies'Night
Numéro du cours D_66789
Participants max. 12
Durée Total 3 période(s)
Date sur demande

Ecolage CHF 99.00

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Total: CHF 99.00
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Ecole-club Migros Genève
Esplanade Pont-Rouge 2
1212 Grand-Lancy
Tél. +41 58 568 80 00

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