Yoga in English

28.03.2020 - 28.03.2020
Lausanne, Rue de Genève 33
10:30 - 12:30


  • Yoga originated from India and is one of the oldest body-mind systems for obtaining wholeness. Through the practice of the poses (asanas), breathing techniques, concentration, and relaxation, yoga simultaneously develops and refines body awareness, physical and mental health and stability. It brings balance and harmony between your body's strength and flexibility. It calms and opens body and mind, leaving you with a feeling of inner peace and vitality. Yoga is non-competitive. It allows you to work at your own level of ability and gradually progress towards a deeper understanding of your body and mind. Please bring a comfortable training suit with you.


Contents include
  • Asanas (fundamentals including basic standings, seated, twisting and supported back bends)
  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Body and breath awareness



Objectifs d'apprentissage

You learn to understand how yoga can affect body and mind. You improve your ability to integrate yoga into your everyday life and and practice independently. Through refined body awareness and integration of body, mind, and spirit, your body`s stamina and vitality and your inner stability and balance is improved. You improve your body posture, your body`s strenght and flexibility, and your physical and mental health.


Jour Date Heure
1. Sa 28.03.2020 10:30 - 12:30


Cours / formations Yoga in English
Numéro du cours E_1385369
Participants max. 14
Durée 1 Jour(s) de cours
Total 2 période(s)
de 50 min.
Date 28.03.2020 - 28.03.2020
Jours de la semaine
  • Sa
Horaire 10:30 - 12:30

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Lieu du cours

Rue de Genève 33
1003 Lausanne

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Contact et conseils

Ecole-club Migros Lausanne
Rue de Genève 33
1003 Lausanne
Tél. +41 58 568 30 00

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